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Author Topic: Ricoh copier Error code SC553 problem solution help  (Read 24760 times)

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Ricoh copier Error code SC553 problem solution help
« on: July 07, 2011, 04:10:20 PM »
Ricoh Copier Error Code SC 553 is Fusing thermistor error 3     problem

1. PSU board is bad
2. IOB board  is bad
3. BICU  board is bad

SC 553 code is Pressure roller fusing lamp overheating ......
The detected pressure roller temperature stays at 200°C or more for six seconds.
1.Check your presure roller thermistor first ... (lower part of the fusing unit)
2. Defective PSU
3. Defective BCU

Try to reset this code with "Clear Mode"+107+"Clear/Stop" hold for 5s.
Turn ON and OFF the Main Switch.

Try this Video

Call this guys , they might help you (ask for Mark) ........

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Ricoh copier Error code SC553 problem solution help
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