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Author Topic: Ricoh sc542 Error Code on mp5500 mp6500 mp7500 2051 2060 2075 3035 3045  (Read 15593 times)


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Try to reset SC codes. "Clear Mode" 107  and hold "Clear Stop", wait 5s for new screen ,
Go to sp5810 and reset SC code

On and off switch

I think updating the thermistors will fix it.
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Reseting SC 542 error code on Ricoh copier

 :D  Press  CLEAR MODE(yellow) key,
 :D  Press  1 , 0 , 7
 :D  Press and hold down CLEAR/STOP (red) key for more 5 sec.

Go to sp5810 and reset SC code

 :D Press in the SP Mode( on the touch pane)
 :D  Open the front door turn OFF the power main switch, and turn it ON
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Ricoh sc 542 error code reset solution help:

 Try this Video


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