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Author Topic: Ricoh copier Error code SC552 problem solution help  (Read 47447 times)

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Ricoh copier Error code SC552 problem solution help
« on: July 07, 2011, 04:07:27 PM »
Ricoh Copier Error Code SC 552 is Fusing thermistor error 2    problem

1. Fusing lamp is not connected  >:( (reconnect it)
2. Thermistor bent or is bad   >:( (replace it)
3. Thermistor position incorrect   >:(

Try to reset this code with "Clear Mode"+107+"Clear/Stop" hold for 5s.
Turn ON and OFF the Main Switch.

.... if this is not working, you might need new Fuser Thermistor ... go to Copier Parts find your copier, order your copier thermistor .... they have YouTube videos how to replace them too ...

Try this Video first: 

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Ricoh copier Error code SC552 problem solution help
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