How to Buy a Used Copier

by Copier Guru on August 10, 2022
As more companies cut costs in the face of a slowing economy, Copier Liquidation Center, a leading independent dealer of slightly used low-meter copy machines, offers tips on buying used usedused copiers for a significantly lower price.

A properly checked used copier should begin with a low meter. This would be the equivalent of buying a recent model used car with 2K miles on it.

Whether you are buying new or low-meter copy machines, here are four questions you’ll need to answer:

  • How fast do you need it to print?

Most offices will get by comfortably with machines in the 20 to 60 ppm range.

  • What do you need the copier to do?

Do you need printing, scanning, faxing, or stapling features?

  • What is your volume?

Your monthly paper consumption and the built-in counter in your copier can be used to help determine your current volume.

  • What do you have in the budget?