30 Days/5,000 copies/prints, whichever comes first. Parts and Labor Warranty

Copier Liquidation Center guarantees all parts within the copier to be free of defects for the term of 30 days/5 000 copies/prints, whichever comes first from the day of delivery. Any components damaged or not received must be requested at the time of delivery or within 24 hours of delivery. Unless agreed by Copier Liquidation Center before installation, all parts and labor covered under this warranty are to be supplied by Copier Liquidation Center or approved for a purchase through another vendor or dealer. Machine computer and network installation is not covered in this warranty.

IMPORTANT Warranty will be void if:

The copier is damaged as a result of the buyer moving the copier. We recommend contacting us to provide you with moving services. Copier is damaged as a result of customer abuse or misuse. Copier is not properly plugged into a surge power protection device that is sized to support the power requirements of the copier. Water Damage