The benefits of purchasing a used copier

by henryk sabik on August 10, 2022

Less expensive: Companies that want to minimize the amount of money they pay in interest for goods and services will usually opt for buying over leasing.

No contracts: When a company purchases a used copier, they’re not locked into a contract with a third-party provider.

Recoup investment: A used printer can be sold if it’s no longer needed, whereas a leased printer cannot.

 Maintenance flexibility: A leased Copier is the property of the lessor. Which typically means the lessee is not contractually allowed to perform any type of maintenance. This puts the lessee at the mercy of the lessor when copiers break. If a company owns equipment outright, the owner or manager can immediately call the tech of their choice to service company copiers without hesitation oroutside approval permission.

Buying a Used Copier Pros:

Buying low meter used copier is always cheaper than leasing in the long term because you avoid finance charges and fees. Think of it much like buying a low mileage used car: You can save thousands of dollars by paying cash upfront and avoiding interest.

Buying a used copier is relatively straightforward. You just hand over the cash and the deal is done. On the other hand leasing involves an application process and providing the leasing company with detailed financial information credit check. On the end of the lease its your responsibility to ship your copier back to leasing company. This task could be very expensive ( ad few hundred dollars out of your pocket)