How to setup RICOH copier monthly auto meter

by Copier Guru on May 27, 2023

RICOH copier monthly auto meter

Device Counter E-Mail Function
This function reports the device counter to the specified e-mail address periodically at the specified time.

Setting Procedure
Could you verify the SMTP server settings? User Tools icon> Machine Features > System Settings > File Transfer > SMTP Server
Specify the administrator’s email address.

User Tools icon > Machine Features > System Settings > File Transfer > Administrator's Email Address

Set SP5-866-110 to “1” to enable the Device Counter E-Mail Function.

In SP5-866-114, specify the date to email the counter value.
Notification date

Every day

1 to 31
On specified date

In SP5-866-115, specify the time to e-mail the counter value.
Notification time





Work with:  MP C307 / 2004ex / 3004ex / MP 5055

Just two remarks :
SP5-866-115 : The time must be written in GMT
800 if you want e-mail at 9 PM for time zone +1

SP5-866-112 to perform a test transmission : The test mail will be sent only when you exit SP mode


To successfully set up the monthly auto meter reading on your RICOH copier, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure that your email is properly set up and functioning.
  2. Access the SP5866-110 setting and change it to "1" to enable email counter notification.
  3. Set the "To" address for the notification email using the SP5866-121 setting. Use an address you can check initially to verify receipt, and then enter the desired recipient's address. Additional destinations can be configured using SP5866-122 and SP5866-123.
  4. Reboot the copier to apply the changes.
  5. Specify the date for sending the monthly email using the SP5866-114 setting. Use "0" to send the email every day.
  6. Set the desired time for sending the email using the SP5866-115 setting. Use the 24-hour format without a leading zero (e.g., 9:00AM would be represented as 900).
  7. To confirm the successful setup, exit the system SP and activate the SP5866-112 setting, which sends a test email.

By following these steps, you can easily configure the monthly auto meter reading feature on your RICOH copier and receive timely and accurate usage notifications.