Low Meter Copiers: Are They the Right Choice for Your Business in Riverside?

by Copier Guru on March 20, 2023

Are you looking for a used copier for your home or business in Riverside, CA? With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. This copier buying guide is designed to help you make an informed decision by providing information on copier terms, service considerations, and suppliers in Riverside, CA.

Used office copiers near me in Riveride

When purchasing a copier, looking beyond speed and warm-up time is essential. You should also consider print specifications, features, and accessories that come with the machine or can be added in the future.

Start by defining your basic copier needs and match them with a copier that is easy to use and works with your team's apps and tools. Then, educate yourself on the latest features to help you choose the right copier for your daily copying or printing needs in Riverside, CA.

Consider bundling specific copier options such as network faxing, which is becoming increasingly popular in Riverside, CA. Your copier's speed, measured in copies per minute (CPM) or pages per minute (PPM), is critical in controlling productivity and efficiency. A slower copier may cost less, but it may not meet your satisfaction level, primarily if you work in workgroups in your office.

Conduct a print audit of your average monthly volume, paper size requirements, black and white or color printing and scanning needs, and consider potential growth in your company in Riverside, CA. Are you upgrading from your current copier to a newer photocopier? Check your copier's meter to understand your average monthly volume load task.

If you plan to use the photocopier as a network printer in a workgroup environment, expect the copy and print volume to increase by 45-55%. Consider a more reliable, heavier-duty copier machine for projected future growth, and increase the projected figure by at least 25%.

At Copier Liquidation Center, we offer premium low-meter photocopiers at up to 80% off MSRP at affordable prices. Our simple rule to gauge copy and print volume is:

-Up to 2000 pages per month: 15-30 ppm copy machine -2000-5k pages per month: 30-50 ppm, 55 ppm copy machine -5000+ pages per month: 60-75 ppm copy machine

When selecting a copier, remember that if you plan on using it for longer and larger print runs, a slower (PPM) printing copier will take considerably longer to finish each print job task. Therefore, faster-performing PPM copiers are recommended for higher peak time use and larger jobs.

We recommend using something other than the manufacturer's monthly maximum print volume, which is often exaggerated. Instead, follow our copy print volume guide for the best results and testing. Don't settle for a cheap copier that won't fulfill the job requirements or your printing needs. Instead, invest in a copier built for the task at hand. Call us at (714) 696-8062 for the right copier for your business in Riverside, CA.

Are you seeking the perfect copier for your Riverside, CA, business? The Copier Liquidation Center has got you covered! We offer premium low-meter photocopiers at unbeatable prices – with savings of up to 80% off the market's MSRP.

Our cutting-edge digital photocopiers from Ricoh and Xerox feature electronic sorting without the need for sorter bins. Unlike traditional sorter bins, this bin-free system lets you quickly identify where one set ends, and another begins, making it possible to create unlimited locations at once.

We also provide copiers with finishers for copying multiple sets of multi-page documents. The most popular type of finisher comes with an automatic stapler sorter, which saves both time and money. More advanced options include three-hole punches, saddle stitch binding, folding, and more. Finishers are optional on many photocopier machines, with prices varying based on functions and features.

In Riverside, CA, most office copiers come with at least one fixed-size paper tray and a couple of adjustable-size paper trays and cassettes. Ricoh Lanier and Xerox copiers, in particular, offer double-sided (Duplex) printing as a standard feature and include a bypass tray for a straight paper path ideal for heavy paper, labels, envelopes, or pre-printed documents and text.

By adding a fast printer module and network card to a digital copier, you can also use it as your office laser printer, allowing employees to produce dozens of stapled copies of a five-page, two-sided proposal without leaving their desks. Plus, using a photocopier as a printer can reduce costs per printed page to as little as 25% of laser printer printing costs.

Adding a fax module to your copier lets you send and receive faxes through the copier unit. Easily send multi-page faxes using the document feeder, or use the photocopier glass to fax single pages or parts of books or catalogs. Incoming faxes can be printed on regular copy paper from the many available trays, meaning you don't have to worry about running out of paper. With a network interface, users can even send faxes from their computers or remote locations through your local area network (LAN) modem.

In summary, the Copier Liquidation Center offers premium low-meter photocopiers at affordable prices, with up to 80% off MSRP. Contact us today to find the right copier for your business in Riverside, CA – (714) 696-6082. Save big and enhance your office's efficiency with our wide range of advanced copier features!